You probably stumbled upon this page because you want to learn more about this whole work at home thing. I don’t blame you because it can be confusing, untrusting and downright weird, but real, legitimate work at home jobs do exist. There are so many resources, like this, that helps teach you about the telecommute world, what to expect, and how to work at home legitimately. To get a jump start, check out these popular work at home jobs that you can do in your pajamas!

Customer Service

Just like in the “real world,” there are work at home jobs that primarily focus on the customer service field. Typically, these jobs will require background checks, office equipment and a quiet working area. On most occasions, you will be acquiring and using your own equipment such as phones, computers, software, desks, printers, etc. A nice thing about this though is that when it comes to tax time, you can deduct a lot! Customer service jobs are usually phone-based and will require you to have a landline. Most companies will want a second dedicated phone line so that incoming calls will not interfere with your work. There are some companies that use VoIP phones; however, you will have to run a series of tests on your computer to ensure you have the proper Internet and processing speeds.

Freelance Writing

A field that has grown tremendously within the last year is definitely freelance writing. Many people will say that anyone can do this, but you really have to have a special skill-set to write. With freelancing, you work on your own terms and charge your own rates. Typically, rates are charged on a per word or hour basis. This is a work at home job that can be challenging at times and experiences slow periods like any other popular work at home job. It requires confidence, diligence and the ability to complete assignments by or before the deadline.


This is a wide category as there are many businesses which allow you to work from your house. It is best to not confuse work at home businesses with MLMs because with those, you are required to bring in so many people by referring them, which if you think about it, it’s just not structured on a typical business plan. If you find a hobby that you love doing, such as making no sew blankets, scrapbooking or photography, consider getting your name out there by starting your own business. It may take a while for the business to become known and be highly successful, but it is definitely something that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

If you find yourself in a job dilemma, remember that you can find refuge on the Internet. Many companies are realizing the added benefits by telecommuting work positions, so begin searching for them by going to company websites. Consider these popular work at home jobs and see where your skills fit and begin the work at home journey!

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